The BlueMatch Difference. How We Are Changing Real Estate!

The way people buy and sell Real Estate over the last 10 years has changed drastically. The question we often ask here at BlueMatch is why has the Realtor model stayed the same? Technology has made it easier to access inventory and the Real Estate Agent’s job is now easier and more efficient than ever.  Because of this, BlueMatch has set out to change the Realtor model and below is our promise to you:

The Five Promises of BlueMatch.


Transparency seems like a given in any market but you would be surprised how many hidden fees are built into many Realtor processes. BlueMatch will always show you what you are paying for from start to finish and NEVER hide “Admin” fees at any point of the process. Our goal is to maximize the sale of your home and net you more money at the end of the transaction.


We work as a team of specialized individuals that create a seamless and enjoyable process for you. While most agents juggle every aspect of the transaction with multiple clients, BlueMatch utilizes a team approach to maximize your success and ours. You work with a single point of contact along the way that works diligently to ensure you are happy throughout the entire process.

Lowest Fees

BlueMatch was founded on the sole principal that the Realtor model is broken. The number one issue we felt was wrong with the Realtor model was the outrageous commissions agents were charging to sell homes. We are in full support of working fairly with Buyer Agents but our personal belief is we can sell homes at a profit without charging crazy amounts in commissions.

Data Driven

Our biggest pet peeve is the infamous Realtor making anecdotal claims about how they can sell your home for more money or faster. Data doesn’t lie and our motto is to measure EVERYTHING. The truth is all agents access the same buyer pool in the same way. We will NEVER use anecdotal sales tactics to get you into a contract then force you to work with us.

No Contracts!

How much do you love cellphone contracts, gym contracts, or any contracts for that matter? High pressure sales tactics to get you to sign an “Exclusive Right to Sell or Buy” sums up what we feel is wrong with Realtors. We will NEVER force you to work with us if you feel we are doing an inadequate job. If anything, please take this one bit of advice before moving forward with ANY agent.

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